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2015 Year in Half Review

We're halfway through the year already. Soon enough it'll be time to whack out another year end list. I say, what about half a year list?

Music is churned out at an amazingly thick and fast factory made chocolate bar rate with little room being made for anything exciting nowadays. It's made for a near impossible task of listening to anything being released for more than a week at a time.

However, out there somewhere, a something or another knocks you out. A tasteful reminder of great music hits both ears. Everything is good again. For a minute or two, at least.

So here be in half, 2015. half a year review.

Ambient Files


Ryuichi Sakamoto / Illuha / Taylor Deupree "Perpetual", 12k




A bright silent light. So tranquil that at times you forget you're listening to anything at all. The piano notes are like little drops of rain falling on your head. A sensation that doesn't come around all too often enough.

Rock Mountain


Bong “We are, we were and we will have been”, Ritual Productions




Snails pace would be doing this group a disservice, the pace is not even a pace. The gods created time for mountains to slowly erupt with volcanic activity. Now and again. This is the mountain. It stays and it slays.

Metal Machines


Saturnalia Temple “To the Other”, Listenable




A nocturnal crawl through the wastelands of black space. A pounding and repetitive dark art that can work well for one and bore the tits off of another. A murky sinister journey drowning in its own filth.


listening to: Healing Music of Rana




The year that was streaming online, or the year that was no longer physical.


The Top 4

1. WATTERThis World

Featuring members of post-rock instrumental group Grails and the seminal Slint, this took me by surprise for its lingering touches of icy melancholy. It feels longer than it actually is.

2. EARTHPrimitive & Deadly

Additional vocals from Mark Lanegan and a woman I've never heard of set to slow, lumbering steam train ride music from a spaghetti western, adds another dimension to Dylan Carlson's creation.

3. SWANSTo Be Kind

Monumental, abrasive, life-swallowing, choke-hold filled set of songs all wrapped up in a world of everything. Cathartic and brilliant.

4. BONG – Stoner Rock

Timeless meditative hypnotic ritual ancient long amplified, lost in a desert, exhausted from the heat.



Friday, 9 August 2013
The Cavendish Arms, Stockwell


Improvised / Drone / Experimental



Jengiz Aziz (UK) - guitar




Thomas Pertzel (GER) - sax - on the following: